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I'll post links to Supernatural episode files here (mostly .mp4 but there will be .avi too)

And here we go again, kids! Almost a decade later and the Winchesters are still in the family business... and so am I.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! Ok, Media Fire finally noticed I'm hosting the episodes there and sent me a warning that My account can be deleted. As I said before I have a real life and a demanding job so if that happens it's possible that I'll not be able to reupload all seasons. I'll try to reup season 8 and keep updating with new links using a new host. That's all I can promise, ok?

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Feb 05 2012(no subject)
I think it's time to lock this journal. I'm not that active here anymore with fanarts and all the graphics. To say the truth I just keep it so I can go on sharing the Supernatural .mp4 links. But the thing is that a large number of people come here to download it but I don't even get a "thank you". I always thought it was pathetic when people asked for feedback and said they would use passwords and all, but now I know they were right.

I go to bed REALLY late so I'll be able to convert, upload and share the links so you guys can download it. In most times I can barely keep my eyes open, I'm exhausted after an intense week in the office but I barelly get one or two comments saying thank you. But if for some reason I can't post the links people send messages and comments asking "OMG, what happened? Where is my episode?". I feel like an idiot having to deal with all this. So I'll keep the LJ like this for a week and after that I'll manage my friends list and make it friends only. I'm sure you all understand my reasons.
Jan 19 2012 - I'm back!
So thanks those who sent messages. I'm ok and I'm back. My computer crashed last week and just now I'm able to update my LJ.


Missing Lois and Clark? Do not fear, fellow Cloiser! Go ahead and have fun =D

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Remember: credits and comments are love.

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Happy Easter, everyone = D

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Remember: credits and comments are love.


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